To us, everyone who sees our quilts, whether a mom, neighbor, or just a passerby, will have the opportunity to experience God’s Word. How wonderful it will be, wrapping your most precious gift, your child, in the comfort of God’s word.

Mary - New York

Dear Ann, Attached are the recent pictures of some doctors who went to Uganda and are starting an orphanage. I know the people were very blessed to receive these blankets. They are so appreciative -I don’t have any exact words yet from the people but we know they were so touched and has opened doors for God’s love and ministry to shine there. Thank you again for your generous donations to our ministry. Blessings, Joyce.
Isaiah 61:1-3

Joyce - Director of Missions/Outreach

Dear Ann, Comfort in the Word has generously donated hundreds of quilts for the orphans and school children in Haiti. We just take the quilts out of the box and the orphan’s eyes light up. These children don’t have many things as soft and beautiful as these quilts, and when you read the Scripture verses embroider into the fabric, the children are overwhelmed with how special this gift is. These quilts demonstrate true beauty.

Brian - gcanet.org